Privacy and Cookies Policy

The Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of users’ data (hereinafter "User” or "Users”) that are collected in connection with the use of the Website, dedicated to the exhibition of the work of Manuel Amado "Catálogo Raisonné” ( hereinafter "Website”).
The Website is managed by the owners of Manual Amado’s works’ intellectual property rights, their successors (hereinafter "Successors”), and reflects the concerns regarding the privacy and treatment of Users’ data.
The provision of personal data in the context of browsing the Website implies knowledge and express acceptance of the conditions in this Privacy Policy and the Use of Cookies.

1. Collection and processing of personal data
Responsible for the treatment of personal data
Manuel Amado’s Successors are responsible for the processing of Users’ data collected through the Website. The personal data collected is treated in the terms described herein to provide information about the services and features made available on the Website and comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
Use of the Website and treatment of personal data
The User’s access and general navigation on the Website do not necessarily imply the provision of personal data.
1.1. However, suppose you have any questions or requests for information and wish to contact the Successors through the e-mail contact In that case, you will be providing personal data, such as contact data, identification data and data related to requests for information. Personal data collected to provide clarifications to Users will be treated based on the Successors’ legitimate interest in elucidating Users on the issues raised, namely concerning Manuel Amado’s works or any other matters related to the Website content and functionalities.
1.2. You can also use certain specific features of the Website if you create an account on the Website, making available, for this purpose, a set of personal data (for example, information of a personal nature regarding the User’s identification within the scope of his "Account”). In these cases, it will only be possible to take advantage of the features and services in question if you provide the requested personal data, which will be treated exclusively under the terms and for the purposes described herein. As part of the Account’s creation, Successors collect personal data to create and manage their Account. The personal data requested for this purpose are mandatory; otherwise, it will not be possible to complete the registration process. The data collected at the time of registration and mandatory filling are the names, e-mail and password. Additional data may also be collected, which are optional. Users who are not registered with the Account will be able to (i) freely browse the Website and view the available contents, request high-resolution images without registering (in which case only the data necessary for processing the order will be requested.
1.3. When browsing the Website, cookies related to your User profile may be collected to analyze your browsing experience.

2. Communication of personal data
2.1. The Successors may transmit their data to subcontracted entities for the purposes mentioned above, always ensuring under the terms of the contracts that such entities process the data in accordance with the law and ensuring an adequate level of security and confidentiality in the processing of personal data.
2.2. Successors may also comply with legal obligations and communicate their data to third parties, such as regulators or other public bodies. In this case, the Successors guarantee that they only used the data to comply with the legal requirements.

3. User Rights
Under the terms of the applicable legislation, you can request, at any time, access to personal data that concern you, as well as its rectification, elimination or limitation of its treatment, the portability of your data, or oppose your treatment. You can exercise these rights directly by sending an e-mail to You can also request a copy of your data that is subject to processing.

4. Retention of personal data
The personal data necessary to respond to requests for clarification will be kept until the last contact is required to clarify the users’ questions or doubts.

5. Cookies
5.1. To provide more personalized service and the Users’ satisfaction that meets their expectations, the Website uses its own and third-party cookies to collect and store information.
5.2. A cookie is a text file that is automatically stored in the Users’ web browsers when they access certain Websites. The cookie allows Successors and third parties to identify the web browser on the server, enabling information storage to improve the Users’ experience and analyze and review the Website’s performance.
5.3. The cookies used on the Website can be classified as session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies remain in your web browser until their expiration date or until they are deleted. Expiration dates vary by cookie, depending on their nature and purpose, which can be found in our list of cookies.
5.4. The cookies identified below will be used by the Successors, strictly for the following purposes:
a) Strictly necessary cookies: These own cookies allow you to access the Website’s main features, and therefore they are always activated. Include session and security cookies.
b) Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information on the Website’s use to improve the services provided and assess their performance. Cookies may be used to test pages or features, measuring the reaction of users. The performance cookies used on the Website may be own and/or third-party.
5.5. Each User corresponds to an individual cookie, thus guaranteeing data privacy and security. The presentation of statistical data on the Website’s functionalities through cookies is done in an aggregated and not unique way, not allowing the User’s identification. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the Website’s performance, in a perspective of constant updating and improvement, to correspond to the User’s tastes and needs.
5.6. Web browsers allow Users to manage their cookies. Users can configure their devices’ settings to accept all cookies, know when a cookie is set, or never receive cookies. You can at any time disable the function of cookies through the web browser, usually in the "Preferences” or "Tools” menu. For more details on your web browser configuration, see the "Help” menu of the same.

6. Security
The Successors affirm, for this purpose, that they have and will keep in operation all the technical means at their disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and misappropriation of the personal data provided or transmitted on the Website. In any case, it should be noted that, by circulating the data on an open internet network, it is not possible to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access and use entirely. Therefore, the User must implement appropriate security measures when browsing the Website.

7. Complaints
Without prejudice to any other means of administrative or judicial appeal, the User is entitled to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission or other competent supervisory authority under the law if he believes that his data’s processing violates the applicable data protection.

8. Issues
If you have any question related to the processing of your data and the exercise of the rights conferred on you by the applicable legislation and, in particular, referred to in this Privacy Policy, you can contact the person responsible for the processing of your data through the following contacts:

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Successors may change this Privacy Policy at any time. These changes will be duly publicized on the website page.

April 10th of 2021