António Pérez Where Oblivion Dwells 2004

Written for the exhibition
Manuel Amado, Pintura 1992 / 2004 - Fundación Antonio Pérez, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Cuenca, Spain, 2004

Very rarely can poetry and painting be so united. 

We write about Manuel Amado’s painting, but what we are looking at is poetry: the empty rooms, derelict locations and absent spaces are occupied by our gaze, the only real inhabitant in this store. The shadow of Fernando Pessoa, the poet, has vanished and, in a dark corner, his hat is all that we see of him. Yet, he may appear at any moment, in the same way we can feel Luis Cernuda’s footsteps in his verses. The light remains fixed on the walls of the buildings, as in an unfinished sunset. The waters of a rain that comes from the sea flood our sight and mingle with the colour of the sky, which threatens to fuse with us. We are the only witnesses to this ceremony of painting and poetry. A biography has been left between these walls, and we keep looking at it, living without respite.