The Show is About to Begin

The series The Show is About to Begin... is one of the biggest of the painter. It comprises around 50 paintings which were exhibited in 2007 at Palácio da Ajuda in Lisbon.
In this series, Manuel Amado returns to the theatre, which had had great importance in his education, not only because of his father, the playwright and director Fernando Amado (1899-1968), but also because of his own work as an actor in plays since childhood and until he was nineteen years old. He also worked in scenography several times. These works, as well as the series itself, have titles that sometimes accentuate his humour and leave the suggestion of stories to be told on the stages and backstages represented, something that does not usually happen in Manuel Amado's paintings. There are human figures that populate some of the canvases, but they are themselves scenery, made of card and wood, and often shown on their back exposing their fakeness.