The visited house

«An illuminating example of paintings that attempt to fix the memory of what the artist has seen when at peace is the series of canvases in the present exhibition representing the interior of a house that has no permanent inhabitants and that most of the time stands empty. It is lived in occasionally and by various branches of the same family. It is both empty and not empty, inhabited and uninhabited. The paradoxical, ambiguous nature of the house makes it a natural subject for Manuel Amado. 

The stillness that pervades its rooms is undisturbed by the sound of voices or footfalls. Its chairs, tables, beds, lamps, the shadow they cast, and the light that falls on and around them speak of absence, not only in the sense of emptiness, but also of absence of the painter, who here embodies in forms of lucid plastic presence the memory of what he has seen in perfect uninterrupted "peace".» —  Hellmut Wohl, excerpt of the text written for the exhibition: Manuel Amado, Pintura / Painting - Galeria Nasoni, Lisboa, 1992