Manuel Amado1995

Text in reference to:
Pintura  1971 - 1994 - Fundación Arte y Tecnologia, Telefónica, Madrid, 1995
In my time of painting nothing exists but the awareness of an endeavour to find the luminous signs that imitate what we all know, without being quite certain of knowing it.

Painting is a mode of communication independent from words, free from reasoning or axioms. It is made to be seen, and thus should fulfil the high expectations that underlie the act of seeing.  

It was in Africa, during my military service, that, nostalgic for my distant realities and pushed by De Chirico, films and ancient Italian painting, I found the beginning of the path leading to my own way of painting. Since then, the path has always been the same, my very own path.

Painting, for me, is the most direct means to depict reality, since reality is something we create, without the interference of words or fictions.

I like to paint what I see when I am at peace, or, more precisely, what I remember seeing when I was at peace, to try to see better, to be sure.