Groups and Small Encounters

In these paintings, light and shadow are protagonists as they perform the construction of space. Still lifes, a conventional theme in art history, are minimal in Manuel Amado, with only a few elements, and they are a pretext to reduce all pictorial work to the representation of space and surfaces by light. 
In these works the painter has deliberately arranged objects in his studio, and the reconstruction of memory we see in other paintings is absent. Therefore, the absence of time and narrative is almost radical, except for those cases where the painter has added an ocean view. In fact, there was not such a view of ocean from his window.
Manuel Amado talked about the pleasure he had painting these works, initially in a smaller format and later in a larger one: "I loved making these still lifes, you can't imagine how much. They were relatively small pictures and then I started to see the sea too, to see the lights playing more strongly. Most of these paintings were all from the corner of the studio. I would take some objects and put them almost always in the same place… it was the light that came in through the window; I have no sea, but the sea appears all the same.” (2018)